Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 31st January 2013 Written Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 31st January 2013 Written Update by DesiTVBox.com

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 31st January 2013 Written Episode

Detailed Update:
Jeevika and Viren argue over phone. Viren says he has no time and leaves. Dabbu asks what happened. Jeevika leaves without answering. Beeji and Dabbu are upset. Manvi scolds Dabbu for making up a stupid story. He says sorry. Manvi says why she involved him in the plan.

Beeji thinks to herself that kids always remain kids whatever happens. She takes a pen and a letter pad and decides to write a letter. She thinks it’s the best solution. But even after several tries she’s not able to do it. She feels like her letter is similar to some 1970 s love song. She decides to drop the plan. But she finally feels it’s the best plan and decides to write a spicy letter for the happiness of Virika.

Finally she starts writing. She feels proud about and and on reading it she’s confident that all problems ‘ll be solved.
In the kitchen badi beeji complains about chachi’s guest. Jeevika says Dolly aunty is chachi’s friend and they should treat her well. She makes paneer pakkoda for badi beeji and she’s really happy. Badi beeji asks whether she’s missing Viren. Jeevika leaves without replying.

In the hall, Dolly aunty and Pinky Chachi are gossipping. Dolly aunty is talking about a girl who got married to an industrialist in delhi. She says that girl is back in her mother’s home. She’s expecting her husband to come back but he doesn’t even call her. Jeevika is upset hearing that. Though Beeji tries to interrupt Dolly says that she doubts whether girl has another affair. Jeevika leaves from there.

Jeevika is sitting alone in the garden and is thinking about her first meeting with Viren. She’s sad. Dabbu comes there and says sorry to Jeevika for what he did. He says he was just kidding. Jeevika says her brother did not change at all.

Inder Chachu gets a phone call saying some client’s flight got delayed. He asksnVirenn whether they can leave as meeting cant happen today. Viren is lost and is not listening. Chachu asks him to go to hrishikesh. But he makes up an excuse of work. But chachu insists on going. His secretary comes there and asks about some mail. Viren gets angry on her. And asks her to send the mail fast.
Virman is in their room. Manvi is upset about her plan becoming failure. Virat asks her to be patient and they’ll find another plan. She calls up Beeji and Beeji tells Jeevika wrote a letter for Viren and this time everything ‘ll be fine. Manvi is happy hearing about it. But when Beeji tells about the contents of the letter and Manvi understands that Beeji had wrote it. Because it’s like a 1960’s letter And Jeevik lives in 2013. But beeji says her writing is same as Jeevika. But Manvi asks her what will happen when Viren asks Jeevika about the letter. They feel it’ll create more problems. Manvi decides to hide the letter before Viren sees it.

Manvi waits for the courier guy and she’s very impatient and is walking around. Virat asks her what she’s doing. He makes fun of her. She syas she’s waiting for the courier guy. Viren comes there and Manvi is shocked to see him. She asks why he came early. Virat says they’ll go for dinner outside and asks him to go change. Just then the courier guy comes and asks for Viren. Manvi receives the courier and Viren signs. She tries to hide it but when Viren asks she finally gives it. Viren leaves from there and Manvi looks at him.

Precap: Manvi is in Viren’s room and is searching for the letter. She finds the letter and is about to leave when Viren enters talking to a client. Manvi is shocked to see him .

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