Jodha Akbar 26th June 2013 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. monu
    June 28, 13:02 Reply

    I am watchin it 10th time only to see rajat……..

  2. sk
    June 27, 05:55 Reply

    Great episode, love the background music 🙂

  3. tvshow
    June 26, 15:56 Reply

    todays episode was very good the song was so good should be played while akhbar and jodha were there

  4. varsha malviya
    June 26, 14:21 Reply

    jalal s bolo k pehle apne mundi seedhi kr le us k baad acting kre

    • sk
      June 27, 05:26

      who cares… we love rajat tokas!

  5. Lisa
    June 26, 12:35 Reply

    Ok so I can’t help but point this out. Does anyone else chuckle every time Akhbar looks at someone…more so Jodha?? Like his entire body goes at an angle? Love this show so far otherwise 🙂

  6. sk
    June 26, 12:26 Reply

    awesome episode, loved how akbar stares at jodha <3

  7. riya
    June 26, 11:10 Reply

    this serial is going to be a masive hit

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