Pavitra Rishta 15th March 2013 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. Anu
    March 15, 14:06 Reply

    Ak bhai next scene s what mk said abt exchang of cd.. Den d epi ended n no precap..

  2. SK
    March 15, 14:01 Reply

    thank you Anu for the WU

  3. Anu
    March 15, 13:43 Reply

    Oh meri bhai shud i continue kya??? Last sum s der… Did u edited n posted it???

    • AK
      March 15, 14:04

      I wil post the whole of it dr pls finish up

  4. Anu
    March 15, 13:40 Reply

    Next scene s in d court. Every1 of d family s der. Mital’s lawyer says dat onir s involved in organ smuglin n he also says dat if onir makes a mistake he hides it very carefully by swappin d babies. He says dat he have a proof against it. Kundan gives d cd. He plays it. Onir s tensed as well purvi. A bollywood song s playin in d cd n mital s shocked while all d family members r happy. Judge accuses lawyer 4wastin d valuable time of d court by dis nonsens. Mital’s lawyer says sorry n asks 4sum time. Judge gives 2days of time. All r extremely happy. Punni thinks 2herself how dis happened. While mital s above 2go arjun cums on his way n taunts him. Manav hugs onir. Purvi and onir r walkin outside of court. Purvi says how did d cd got exchanged. Onir says dat he did it.

  5. Xia
    March 15, 13:32 Reply

    Pr is nowadays treated very unfairly by admin no pics n so late wu this really shocked me this is a top 5 show i mean top 5 is a good position plz wu fast

  6. Anu
    March 15, 13:30 Reply

    Mital s waitin 4ru punni. She cums. Mital scolds her 4takin cd widout informin him. He says dat he gave keys only 2take money n nothin els. She says dat she thought it was songs cd n she took it. He says der s a proof against onir in dis. Punni s shocked. He moves in takin d cd. Its morn now. Onir s gettin ready 2go 2court. Purvi says dat she’ll also cum but onir says dont cum. He ll manage alone. But purvi says 2onir dat u supported me in all my difficulties, so i cant leav u alone now. She says him dat v’ll fight together 4d justice. Onir agrees. Sulo cums in d middle wid sugar. She feeds onir n says dat god s wid him.

  7. Anu
    March 15, 13:23 Reply

    Okay ak bhai… Shud i continue???

    • AK
      March 15, 13:26


  8. Anu
    March 15, 13:20 Reply

    Next scene shifts 2hospital where manav s recallin abt how mital was accusin onir. He says 2archana dat he trusts onir. He says dat i’m alone in dis situation.
    Next purvi s goes 2ovi’s room slowly n takes off d baby. Whil she goes she hits a toy which was in d floor which makes sound n ovi s awake 4m it. Ovi asks purvi 2giv pari back 2her. But purvi says dat its her baby n she ll never give her. Ovi begs her. Ovi screams out. Den she realises it was a dream. She finds d baby s not der. She rushes out. Arjun calms her meanwhil teju cums in wid pari. She goes 2pari.

  9. MK
    March 15, 13:18 Reply

    Why is Ovi so scared to lose Pari. She did not want to have the baby in the first place.
    Anyway, it was Teju eh took Pari for oil massage and som sunlight. Ovi was hysterical saying Purvi came and took Pari and she would never get her back.

    • SK
      March 15, 13:58

      ovi is a bitch. she doesnt desrve that baby.Ekta do something good for a change and give purvi bac her baby

  10. Anu
    March 15, 13:13 Reply

    The epi starts wid purvi. She s tensed abt onir’s situation. Onir asks her 2calm down. Purvi says dat she’ll inform d whole family abt baby swap. But onir stops her.. He den asks 2hav dinner n he’ll get. Onir gets d dinner.. Purvi feeds onir n he too feeds her. Next scene manjusha brings ruchi’s laptop. Punni checks d cd. But it s company’s cd. At last she ll play 1cd. It s above to play when mital calls her n asks her abt d cd’s. She says it’s wid her. He asks her 2cum soon. She rushes out.

    • AK
      March 15, 13:15

      Nice wil edit for u nd send it to dtb, is that ok with you!

  11. AK
    March 15, 13:08 Reply

    Pls dr, tnx. Yes u may dr anu. Would love to c urs and kris

    • MK
      March 15, 13:10

      Ovi dreamt that Purvi came in the night and took Pari from her.
      Well it shouldn’t happen that way, I want ovi herself to return Pari to Purvi

    • AK
      March 15, 13:12

      I would realy love to c ovi herxlf returning angel and she should also apologise for her behaviour!

  12. AK
    March 15, 13:01 Reply

    Pls kris write the wu pls!

    • MK
      March 15, 13:03

      Had a bad connection to video so did not get it properly. But I gave a lil summary below.
      Looking at PV now

    • Anu
      March 15, 13:05

      Ak bhai shall i try 2giv summary???? I’ll try

    • AK
      March 15, 13:07

      Pls dr, tnx

  13. Anu
    March 15, 13:00 Reply

    Ya MK it was cute scene…. I wish ovi’s dream shud cum true soon…

    • AK
      March 15, 13:04

      Which dream? Do u knw that ths epi wil be air’d tomorow and the hazar epi completion wil b air’d on sunday! So pls guys do the wu update here.

  14. Veer
    March 15, 12:59 Reply

    admin where is written update I am trying hard to c bt kahin dikh nai rahi he shayad gayab hi gai he jaldi use dhoondiye n post kijiye.

  15. MK
    March 15, 12:57 Reply

    Hey Amir yaar. Awesome save by onir today. Wow.
    You know, Punni took all the CDs, Manju brought Ruchi laptop to her room to view CDs meanwhile Mittal looking for CDs calls up Punni for it, Onir overhears their conversation, while Manju went to get something, Punni went to change, onir viewed and exchanged cd with Ruchi’s and destroyed Mittal’s.
    In court some dance cd plays.

    • MK
      March 15, 12:58

      Mital given two days to produce evidence.

    • SK
      March 15, 13:56


  16. MK
    March 15, 12:51 Reply

    I love the scene where onir fed Purvi and she fed him.
    Oh my my my onir kya chalak admi hai yaar. Bahutu bhut mubarak ho tum bach gaya.
    My favorite scene, wrong cd plays, lol it’s Ruchi cd 😉
    Punni Mittal you’ve made Mittal crazy so sorry for you when you get home 😉 hahaha
    You and Mittal deserve each other.
    But so wanted the truth to be out and let Purvi get her baby back.
    Ovi, get a life.

  17. Anu
    March 15, 12:49 Reply

    Heyyo AK bhai… U was ryt onir saved himself 4m goin 2court…

    • Anu
      March 15, 12:50

      Sorry not court, it was 2b jail..

  18. AK
    March 15, 12:45 Reply

    Dtb pls write the wu’s 2day, hav’nt seen the epi 2day

  19. Anu
    March 15, 12:16 Reply

    Onir tum toh chalak nikli… Loved d way u exchanged d cd…

  20. saki
    March 15, 12:14 Reply

    CAN anyone please do a Written Update a good one with pics.
    just asking

  21. Shikha
    March 15, 12:11 Reply

    Where is written update admin

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