1. AK
    June 24, 08:36 Reply

    I hate the leaps sequences!!!!!

  2. Rimjhim
    June 24, 07:57 Reply

    So PR is again taking 20 years leap. These days Onir is turning extra sweet, so when Purvi knows about it, she will go back to Onir with Pari. So no Arvi reunion right?.. How can you do this to us? Leave ekta and her CVs, how could Zee do this to viewers if this was not in card?.. I hate Zee TV more than PR CVs.

  3. Nishita Shipra
    June 11, 02:25 Reply

    I am so happy for arvi. its like a dream come true. That is what I am waiting for months. Thanks EKTA mam. Now u wait and watch the TRP is going to rock. Congress arvi.

  4. Shaza
    June 05, 06:44 Reply

    Hey archu came out of coma,now arvi wil get reunite soon

  5. Tacky
    May 17, 12:41 Reply

    Do Zee TV and Cvs think viers are stupid? How can Arjun Purvi reunite at this juncture? With Ovi gone probably pregnant (and with DK advising Arjun to work on his marriage with Ovi), with Onir turning suspicious but not negative definitely, with Archana in coma ( Even if Arvi reunion is to happen, it will not happen without Archana’s blessings) how is Arvi’s reunion possible?

  6. Shaza
    May 17, 07:12 Reply

    Hi frnds I feel as I’m at da tog of da world after diz reunion of arvi ,al my frndz startd 2 watch diz serial aftr diz new promo,thanx writers

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