Punar Vivah 11th January 2013 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. christina
    January 13, 14:07 Reply

    why dont u guys get prashant married to yash bua because she want man

  2. anonymous
    January 11, 23:13 Reply

    SR Scindhiya behaved very cheap. He is so controversial in his attitude. He was the one who told aarti and yash to stay on the 1st floor with their children, bcos if they go out his so called “good name & fly., prestige” will abe affected in public. But now when he rcvd a call from school regarding ansh he himself says that yash family have no connections with them. If he did not want his fly., issues to come out in public now he himself is contradicting his statement by his act. It is so absurd.
    Atleast on humanitarian grounds he shud have helped ansh. This kind of behaviour is not good for his age. just bcoz of one lie that aarti is not a widow but a divorcee will change a person into a villainous act.
    one thing we shud see. Whatever be the problem given by prashant and SC, in order to justify the title PV aarti and yash shud not separate by any foul acy being played by P & SC. They got remarried for a particular reason. That shud not get affected just for the serial to move on. They shud stay together have trust on one another and fight for ansh and bring the 3 kids as a good citizen by showering all the love and affection from mom and dad. I wish PV wis potrayed in this way who ever comes in between aarti and yash. It shud end like they are ideal parents.
    Please don’t create any cheap drama like SC trying to show yash some illicit relationship between P & A to take back yash and his kids. That will degrade the respect of PV and SC. Don’t bring such scenes just to keep the serial continue. It is not healthy of showing such scnes between yash and aarti becoz they have children and she is also pregnant. Such scenes will degrade the family respect and also the character of a mother also is potrayed in a wrong way in front of the children.
    There shud some flashback of aarti to be shown about her pains in her 1st marriage that she underwent other than the reason that P left her for another girl.That flashback shud be strong enough to justify the reason for her to leave P. P and Aarti get divorced bcoz P has another affair cannot be the only strong reason.
    Pls do something to change SC evil mind and villanous act. Being a father of 3 sons and grandfather he shud not even think of spoiling yash’s life as he very well know that it was bcoz of aarti yash is a changed man who has forgotten his past and started a normal life and his children also enjoy his company.
    Please bring in some more cute romances between aarti and yash. It is very much needed for aarti to keep her stress out and get some love from yash as she is pregnant. Yash is also aware that she love him so much and she was waiting to get his love.
    Hope the show PV will keep all the above reasons in mind and take it in a positive way not damaging the aarti and Yash relationship.

    • ann
      January 13, 09:15

      yes, that it, ruining someone image especially when she is carrying yash’a baby is really, no words to say………very disgusting. In fact should make the bond strong between Y n A to overcome all circumtances together. Keep their cute little family together.

  3. nobody
    January 11, 12:49 Reply

    can you please upload the clear version already? been waiting since 20mins refreshing one page. ==’

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