Punar Vivah 5th October 2012 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. PVfan
    October 06, 14:04 Reply

    i hope writers r not going to tell us dat Dubeyji is going to support prashant plz put everyone one out of their misery let Ansh see Yash and call out to him. PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE! PUUUUUUULLLLLLLIIIIIZZZ!

  2. punar vivvah
    October 06, 00:15 Reply

    i didnot like this episode because of arti’s old hb coming

  3. Pam Kaur
    October 05, 14:28 Reply

    this track is getting boreing what should have happened arti faints at bus station yash finds her takes her to hospital meets arti’s doctor. finds out she needs op and agrees to support arti. arti has op but goes into a coma baby is fine. prashant meets up with parents wants to return home. this would have made yash realise arti’s value. just a thought

  4. SJ
    October 05, 14:03 Reply

    We knew that is going to happned , nothing new, now Prsant is tring to
    Call SHOBHA, she does not want to talk to him.
    Prsant wil text his father, Prsant ‘s father will keep the truth from every one. Because all of a sudden his love or his son start to come from somewhere, where was dubeyjee, whenOrsant left Arthi and called hisunborn son dirty and someone blood, Dubeyjee jee is the one
    Making Arthi’s life hell,he did not let Arthi tell the truth to Yash on wedding day, when she find out Yash family does not know she is divorce, prsant father pulled the plug a. Told her if you care about our respect and black mailer emotionally.
    This is so sad how written potrayed yash father character, I think like father like son. poor Arthi.

  5. Anonymous
    October 05, 13:47 Reply

    now its common story of every serial please show some reality as serials are to open eyes of ommon people not to copy and show same things as others are showing now anybody can tell the story …………….bulshit

  6. Mes
    October 05, 13:23 Reply

    Where the hell this baldy prasanth come. Really hate to see him. Pls someone tell me is YAsh ji will find Arti ji or not. Waiting to know. Pls…pls…pls..

    • SJ
      October 05, 13:54

      Prsant is so ugly looking and too old for her

  7. Amir
    October 05, 13:18 Reply

    What will happen with Yash and Arti’s relationship with the re-entry of Prashant as a changed man.

  8. aishwarya
    October 05, 13:12 Reply

    so much supense in this serial nowadays

    • SJ
      October 05, 14:11

      Nous spence, knew it is going to happned, written should have some ne story, I hope , when Arthi sees Prsant change behavior
      She does not all for it, and does not wan to do anything with Yash
      and Yash would be keep burning in his own guilt

      I am upset Prsant father behavior, one side he allied Arthi is my daughter, his son was keep threatening and black mailing them
      Now all of a sudden his love for Prsant. by the way Prsant is so ugly and too old for Arthi. what writer think woman is a math putty and
      Does. Not have any respect,Prsant abuse her ,Yash respect her
      And help her in many ways, but abuse her too, now ack to Prsant

  9. long back i stopped watching pv once in a while i just enter to read wu. y´day i was feeling so down and started reading all previous wu. thanks a lot now mood is so re freshened with lots of laughter. they had sex thank god they f**ked their married partner on top of that they to realize it took so many days meanwhile he behaving like a selective amnesia. on the other hand other girl get laid with a dumbest excuse of taking advantage of bla bla bla.. meanwhile the drama of pregnancy revealing.

    really i donno what they are trying to reveal. but seriously can anyone help me to stop rofling.

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