Qubool Hai 10th April 2013 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. rya.sharma
    April 10, 21:05 Reply

    hi @desi bella… India is great place…you must try to plan a trip and come here soon 🙂
    do you understand hindi?

  2. izzy
    April 10, 16:20 Reply

    im getting tired qubool hai wtf everything is bad since billo rani arrive like who cares about her its like the show is only focusing on her who is she and razia i hope she gets caught. they shouldve never made tanveer a character. nw all i see is that bad guys are winning. when will good things happen -,-

  3. no1asyafan
    April 10, 13:23 Reply

    oh god loved 2day’s ep but hate precap . y this this idiotic the big stupidest biloo rani interferes in all the matter . hate her .
    pls give some reply and share ur feelings abt 2day’ s ep

    • rya.sharma
      April 10, 21:08

      hi @no1asyafan… we should be happy that tanveer has picked up the phone… coz only then that visa officer will come and take zoya away… then only Asad will come and tell him about their engagement
      im sooo excited . cant wait to see Tanveers expression when she gets to know bout the engagement 😛

  4. DEEPS
    April 10, 13:01 Reply

    i have a doubt , y do she leave her lap and go ? wont she take it wit her to U.S. ? NO LOGIC …..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nisha
      April 10, 13:46

      Deeps, coz its not her laptop. She has ipad. 🙂

    • desibella
      April 10, 12:57

      united states.i’ve always want to vist india,whats it like?

  5. nosheen
    April 10, 12:11 Reply

    @rya.sharma I will be happy to chat with you

    • rya.sharma
      April 10, 12:47

      hi @nosheen…. thank you.. 🙂
      pleasure is mine 🙂
      so when do you come online mostly?

  6. rya.sharma
    April 10, 11:34 Reply

    hi @desibella.. thank you soo much.. yaa im not negative at all… so u need not worry 🙂
    happy to join you guys 🙂

    • desibella
      April 10, 12:38

      thats good, then we’re glad to have you^_^ soo what country r u in?

  7. anushee
    April 10, 10:50 Reply

    please set up the qubool hai link quickly

  8. rya.sharma
    April 10, 09:13 Reply

    hi guys… my name is rya.. ive seen a lot of you chat in this page.. i would love to join you all…. may i join you ??
    im also a great lover and fan of qubool hai…i watch the episodes mostly online only but i have not commented before as i was a bit busy…
    i will be really happy if you would let me join you guys 🙂
    waiting for your reply 😀

    • desibella
      April 10, 10:43

      sure it not a privite chart all are welcome as long as your not really negative/hateful in your comments.

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