Qubool Hai 10th January 2014 Episode Watch Online


  1. Ram
    January 31, 10:51 Reply

    i cant see any part, any episode of qubool hai, on this site

  2. Ram
    January 31, 10:50 Reply

    i cant see any part, any episode, on this site

  3. prachi kumari
    January 12, 01:27 Reply

    nobody can fill the place of KSG. i couldn’t understand why this show doing this rubbish. i will not watch this show.

  4. Muskaan
    January 10, 16:54 Reply

    I can imagine Karan doing the scene, and the tears in his eyes when zoya faints. I know raquesh would do a good job , he will bring the show to a new level. But I still miss ksg really wish he didn’t leave.

    • Victory
      January 11, 04:23

      we hope he will do that 🙂

  5. popje
    January 10, 16:18 Reply

    Yeah, RV rocks.I’m so glad and happy for the new AsYa. When fans stop compairing, then I think they will enjoy the show even more. I wanna see the angry Asad on Monday. The sequence must maintain that. The trps are still coming in even without ksg and that’s for the hard work of the team, especially SJ. And with a bang entry like that from RV it will go up in the ranking.

    I really felt the emotions and I got the shivers. He had tears in his eyes didn’t he? Who dares to mess with my girl!!! Love it.

  6. hahahah
    January 10, 13:50 Reply

    He is a gud replacement bt I m nt liking asya anymore

  7. haderali
    January 10, 13:23 Reply

    yah i also like it and i agree it its good

  8. rya
    January 10, 12:04 Reply

    guys… raqesh is nt bad AT ALL…. ive always likd his acting….. especially as shlok in seven-sony tv…
    nd really … hes doin asad well too… nt a bad replacement at all… I guess qubool hai is very very good at selecting replacmnts… theh chose a very good ayaan and nw an equally good asad…. good choice qubool hai…. u will rock forever… 😀

    • Victory
      January 10, 12:12

      yes agreed 😀

    • popje
      January 10, 16:42

      YES YES YES!!!!

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