Qubool Hai 10th June 2013 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. faiz
    June 11, 00:49 Reply

    zoya ko tanveer ko kanch ker asad k pas le jana chaye tha

  2. Brooklyn
    June 10, 12:48 Reply

    Just great :/ now this is going to carry on and we might not even get to see the mehendi scene till who knows when…..today’s episode wasn’t good at all…and I was really excited because of the mehendi scene….what a disappointment πŸ™ . Tomorrow ill just read the written update first…

    • Sums
      June 10, 13:08

      Aha same like u. M reading WU only now.

  3. siti
    June 10, 12:30 Reply

    qh is no more interesting. after all the spoiler news
    all abt asya will split up and zoya will run away 4m
    asad and join wit ayan, the. story is crap
    y they doing like this. and what the need 4
    triangle love in qh

  4. Riza
    June 10, 12:24 Reply

    Alia u read sc wu…quite interesting track there.

  5. Alia(ARMAN)
    June 10, 12:22 Reply

    :-)Yeap dont know riz and today epi realy waste of time:-(:-(

  6. Riza
    June 10, 12:21 Reply

    Expect so much frm 2day epi but.:)

  7. Riza
    June 10, 12:21 Reply

    Alia last tym i’ll watch qh dis wk…i will watch only 2day epi n den till saturday.
    Y asad didnt go to haseena himself n take revenge…

  8. rya
    June 10, 12:20 Reply

    pls dnt watch todays epispde… the worst one ever..not good at all…. its got only that blody btich nd zoya fighting nd arguing :C
    not good at all.. even promo is not good πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    • Anu
      June 10, 12:22

      4me 2day’s epi was Gud..:):) its my opinion….

    • rya
      June 10, 12:26

      only zoya nd tanveer faceoff naa…. but i thought asya scenes would be there .. thts y i felt sad πŸ™
      this is my opinion.. i respect ur opinion too πŸ˜€

    June 10, 12:20 Reply

    Are they gonna give today’s update..????

  10. Riza
    June 10, 12:15 Reply

    Hey alia…friday epi was much better than today…eventhough i read only d wu

  11. Riza
    June 10, 12:13 Reply

    Dont kno dey had not update dat scene.

    • Sums
      June 10, 12:14

      Oh okay. Thanks Dunno but I dont feel motivated to watch it nowadays.

  12. Tan
    June 10, 12:11 Reply

    Omg what a crappy episode. Don’t bother to watch guys! Waste of my time.

  13. Riza
    June 10, 12:11 Reply

    Zoya got to kno dat fingerprints were of a female

  14. Riza
    June 10, 12:10 Reply

    Nothing lyk dat happen till now…only shirin ayaan scene n zoya confront tanu

    • Sums
      June 10, 12:12

      Oh ok, the mehendi scene not on till today.

    • Brooklyn
      June 10, 12:18

      When is the mehendhi scene? And I hope this “acid” crap is fake!!

    • Sums
      June 10, 12:38

      I hope too Brooklyn coz nw its full Rubbish.

  15. BATMAN
    June 10, 12:05 Reply

    @sums where is the written updt??

    • Sums
      June 10, 12:07

      I’m stil waiting fr it. I’m afraid to watch the videos. The news about the acid things is making m afraid.

  16. BATMAN
    June 10, 12:04 Reply

    BS= bull shit

    according to her πŸ™‚

    • Rania Mallik
      June 10, 12:00

      The shoe is just gonna be bull shit coz if tanveer and asad getting married and asya split up

    • Sums
      June 10, 12:01

      Wat do u mean by BS plz?

    • Umat Sehgal
      June 10, 12:02

      It will never happen u will see in the upcoming epi

    • Sums
      June 10, 12:04

      Well yeah Rania Malik, I agree with u. Its becoming irritating nowadays, i’m just reading written update.

    • Rania Mallik
      June 10, 12:08

      So am I,,, Sums,,, we really need to show Gul Khan that the TRP is something that really matters

    • Sums
      June 10, 12:11

      Yeah i’m with U Rania. We should go ahead with it. Its kinda irritating, coz we r never @ peace, evrytym I see Tanveer I feel disgusted.

    • Rania Mallik
      June 10, 12:25

      And when I look at her I feel like I wish killing someone wouldn’t be a crime once in ur life :/ sums

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