Qubool Hai 12th July 2013 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. f.k.
    July 15, 12:50 Reply

    it is an unneccesary exaggeration in the story…i think it olready become 2 lengthy dats y immediately need 2 end da tannu drama othrwise it wil impact da show TRP n tannu image as well which she z doing well in accordnce of her actng role…

  2. HOWRA
    July 14, 06:18 Reply

    we r witng 4 Mndy ep….:)

  3. HOWRA
    July 14, 06:15 Reply

    we r witng 4 mndy EP…. 🙂

  4. Jazz
    July 12, 23:38 Reply

    I sincerely hope that Zoya investigates to find out the Tanveer is actually pregnant from way before her wedding day – that is solid proof.

    Please, I just want Asad and Zoya to get married, and then you can do your other dramas after that, but please, let them just be happy for once – together

    • Aqsa
      July 14, 07:57

      true… I hope so too… well it will be pretty obvious.. cuz I remember T witch’s doctor sed she will be showing cuz she’s like 5 months or sumin… so how can a pregnant women’s bump (who says she only just got preg) be showing within a few weeks or a month into pregnancy 😛

      But still cnt wait for the nikkah to happen and cnt wait for the tanveer drama to end… Love ASYA..
      and cnt wait for slap… although it was meant to happen in ajmer… oh well… 😀

  5. Asma
    July 12, 20:09 Reply

    wtf! ugh this cant be happening if tanveer does shit again to end ther nikkah i will send a strongly worded letter to these writers and producers!!!!!!! i get it, shows must hav drama but cant they get married first then have drama!!!!!

  6. samah
    July 12, 15:05 Reply

    Tannnnuuuuuuuuu…..I hate u from the bottom of my heart…..I wish I could kill u…..u never let asya unite bt I m really happy that billo rain is gonna have a TIGHT SLAP from zoya ….I m waiting for Monday’s episode….n v all know that asya I’ll unite so I think v should nt feel sad as d marraige dint happen cuz at last it’s asya….so enjoy d SLAP episode…..I wish Monday should come very fast…I m really counting seconds

  7. starzz
    July 12, 14:45 Reply

    well tanveer tell asad she pregnant for him an asad going to call of the wedding………………want zoya to tell them the truth and asad an zoya get married…………..

  8. asya love
    July 12, 13:32 Reply

    i dnt knw what crap is happening yaar,waiting forward for monday’s episode……

  9. Elizebeth
    July 12, 13:01 Reply

    I feel guys zoya is going to find out that tanveer was pregnet way before their marriage

  10. I luv qh
    July 12, 12:18 Reply

    Oh noooooo I hate tanveer soooooo much I think now asad will not marry zoya cause tanveer will say that she is pregnant 🙁

  11. In your face tanveer
    July 12, 12:04 Reply

    In your face tanveer…….. I am sooooo happy……….i feel zoya is going to slap billo rani……now i know why they didnt show a precap yesterday………

    • I luv qh
      July 12, 12:07

      Your right maybe that’s why there was no promo yesterday

  12. I luv qh
    July 12, 12:03 Reply

    Omg can’t wait for part 3 and 4 hope it’s not a dream that would really piss me off!

  13. Ibadan
    July 12, 11:55 Reply

    Omg!!! Is the Nikah happening?????faster

    • Uzi
      July 12, 12:01

      Yup! I was so shocked too! At first, i thought they were gonna make the Nikah with Asad and Tanveer.
      OMG! Finally!!

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