Qubool Hai 26th April 2013 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. KSG!!
    April 28, 12:31 Reply

    N btw guys she is obviously pointing at Zoya because Dilshad wouldnt want Zoya to get deported!!:P

  2. KSG!!
    April 28, 12:27 Reply

    Guy we can’t just stop watching this show if they dont get married because we noe at the end they will anyways!! We just have to bear the show when they arent together!!!:P N what if everyone stops watching it and then the show gets cancelled then we’ll never have Asad and Zoya moments!!:P

  3. Zina
    April 28, 09:39 Reply

    Hey guys after i tll u this u guys r gonna jump n hop with happiness.. Just got a spoiler that dilshad wud choose zoya as asad’s wife which will make tanvir jealous and plan big to kill zoya….. This wil increase the love between AsYa and tanvir’s evil face wud b out b4 the khan’s……. OMG.. So happy……….,. Happy quboolians?????

  4. tara
    April 27, 07:57 Reply

    i will stop watching if zoya asad won’t get married

  5. Meher
    April 27, 03:38 Reply

    If its not asad n zoya then I’m stopping to watch this ….! 🙁

  6. kiya
    April 26, 17:04 Reply

    I can wait unit Monday

  7. Riya
    April 26, 16:17 Reply

    I guess on Monday after coming home
    dilshad will say Asad u should marry in 10 days and I have alreadychoosen my bahu
    Asad will ask who is she ?
    She will point towards zoya and tanveer
    Tanveer will think that dilshad is pointing her and smile a lot
    Then dilshad will say zoya
    Tanu shocked
    Asad will say no but dilshad will ask if u don’t love zoya and ur engaged to her
    Asad who never says no to his mom will get ready for the marriage with zoya for her mom
    Then asya Ajmer trip

    • rya.sharma
      April 27, 00:05

      what you are saying seems to fit in perfectly into promos..
      i think and hope what you said is true 😀
      thanks for a wonderful thought 🙂

    • Nisha
      April 27, 01:36

      Riya, i hope what u say is true..and it seems to be logic.. QH is always full of suspens. LOVE QH n ASYA 🙂

    • Zina
      April 28, 09:39

      U r reallllly rite…….

  8. no1asyafan
    April 26, 13:40 Reply

    ok i think she will chose zo only cause
    1st reason in fb it was written that asya will go to ajmer after their marriage
    2nd reason is that dilshad said that asad ka nika ho chuka ho !!!
    3rd reason ipersonly feel that gul khan wont break our hearts and also asya’s too!
    the one that confuses me is that in precap billo rani is smiling like a devil
    so ya pray evryone in weekend tat it should be zo
    no1asya fan

    • Nisha
      April 26, 13:49

      yesss..thanks alot for the convincing reasons no1asyafan… and sincerely, if asad is going to marry tanveer, surely it wil b the same thing like other seriel, normal twist. i hope by marrying zoya, qh wil show something new..and personally me too feel tht, gul khan wont break qh fans’ heart, as im watching qh mainly just for asad n zoya! 🙂

    • no1asyafan
      April 26, 13:53

      ya nisha i too feel the same lets pray

    • zainab
      April 26, 14:46

      thnx ……….for tellling but i dont think so asad will say yes iam soo worried if asad said no than it means he dont love zoya

  9. Dee
    April 26, 12:56 Reply

    Nice , I just hope this bad dua and all doesn’t work and our Asya have to turn old bickering and yelling at each other without even tying knot. 😛 😀 Loved the episode. Will have to wait for Monday now, Oh i hate week ends. No QH…


    • Nisha
      April 26, 13:15

      yaa me too hate weekends! no qubool hai! 🙁

  10. anthya
    April 26, 12:22 Reply

    where is the uploader? waiting impatiently..hurry up please 😀

    • zainab
      April 26, 14:48

      is it your real name mine is not i changed 3 times before becoz some1 is taking my names sorry to say

    • zainab
      April 26, 14:48

      it is my friend name

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