Raja to ‘FORCE’ Rani into ‘INTIMACY’ in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani!

Zee TV’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani will showcase a major showdown between Raja, Rani, and Iqbal.

Rani is sandwiched between Raja and Iqbal as both love her dearly and with the New Year ringing in, the upcoming episodes will get dramatic than ever.

Raja will soon disguise himself as a Sardar named Angad Singh and will re-enter in Rani’s life, who now lives with Iqbal. After sneaking into her room, Raja will reveal his true identity and will try to get physically intimate with Rani. The latter will try to restrain but Raja will misbehave with her forcing Rani to spend an intimate night with him. Raja will finally maintain his distance when Rani will plead before him and tell him how she would have to bear serious consequences if Iqbal spots them together.

As soon as Raja will put on his disguised look back again and will leave the room, all hell will break lose as Iqbal spots them together! He will start beating the hell out of a disguised Raja and will also question Rani’s character. Rani will then explain that the man in question, Angad, was trying to misbehave with her. Angad/ Raja will be seen re-entering the room leading to a serious fight between the two macho men!

A source informs, “Rani will contribute to the fight by slapping Angad and warning him to leave Amerkot forever. While Rani is distraught watching Raja’s behavior, the latter will understand Iqbal’s possessiveness for Rani and will be convinced that it is indeed true love which Iqbal feels for his lady love.”

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