D3 Dil Dosti Dance 16th April 2013 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. crystal
    April 16, 13:31 Reply

    What exactly are they showing? No GS needs to LEARN dancing to be a good manager. All they should have shown was that Taani is learning ABOUT dances and the styles and giving them more information for the competition. The last thing we need is more screen time for the highly annoying Taani and that too in a highly baseless way. I want to see one of the gang members just say to Taani that the biggest mistake they made was to appoint her AGS!

    • Taarey fan #1/D3 Fan #1
      April 17, 00:55

      No they are learning to stand up for what they all believe in!:D Trying to prove that dancing it can be a carrer to cuz still right now people don’t consider dancing as a carrer which i hate it in their point of view. At least Taani is trying to learn some dance in order to make them stop saying that u don’t know how it feels to dance cuz u don’t know how to. And she looks so cute with Rey omg i am hearing this from everyone Taarey which means the Stars are so adorable have u no heart or what and u don’t really need a Ags for ur carrer lol their not really focusing on whats going on in college duh 😀 and its all about going for what u believe in thats all i love d3 so much now the actors and actresses have grown into it <3

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