Qubool Hai 9th April 2013 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. zac
    April 10, 02:59 Reply

    hey got to go… catch u all later…

    • surbhi
      April 10, 03:03

      alrite mr secret agent, guess u gotta a private train to catch…:P

    • zac
      April 10, 04:29

      Es tan dulce de usted…Muchas gracias…pero yo no soy que guapo…

  2. zac
    April 10, 02:44 Reply

    shhhh……..koi hai….????????

    • surbhi
      April 10, 02:53

      yyyyeeeesssss!!!:D finally u revealed ur identity to the worlds most notorious criminal muhahahaha…better start my planning….finally..goot to c ur face…hehe:P victory dance…owww my head..hehe

    • zac
      April 10, 02:56

      so ur views ???

    • surbhi
      April 10, 03:01

      hhhmmmmm…i was awaiting dat question…well sachin i must say ur not handsome like all dese fake actors buuuuuut, u r good-looking for a regular, normal, nonfake person…awww who im i kidding= tu muy guapo!!;) u speak spanish? cuz im too shy to translate:*) hehehe

  3. izzy
    April 09, 18:15 Reply

    i hope zoya finds out who breaks the cd and beat tanvir up and cnt w8 2 see tomorrow eps. and i really hope asad finds out about tanveer and kicks her out the house

  4. tanha dil
    April 09, 17:43 Reply

    wowwwwwwwww amazing episode dreams sequence and asya scene so cute lovly……supabbbbb karan smile is so cute…..and tanveer i kill her….she is……….. Kiya kahaa jay is kay bary my while cant wait to tmorrw episde and see the asad cute smile..and song mitwa…. 🙂 ;* 😉

  5. no1asyafan
    April 09, 13:46 Reply

    love it love 2day’s ep . the only thing that made me say ‘oh nooooo’ is the ‘dream’ this thing . the promo of yesterday’s was really nice and intresting awesome fabulous and manymore . after seein tom’s pprecap cant wait to see tom ep
    no1asya fan

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